Live Streaming VideoOur platform is simply an extension of who we are and the experience we bring to you. The streams System has its roots going back to 2005 and was developed as a streaming platform for use by professional IT developers, and TV production to deliver streaming content live via the internet. We started by streaming high-profile trials, sporting events, and simulcasting radio and tv programming for CBS in Boston. As streaming content became more mainstream the need for transmission stability grew, and the tolls that were tools used by professions became more desirable for business, worship, entertainment, professional and amateur sports leagues. Know could have imagined thinking that 25 years after our first video online broadcast that live and on-demand video could have played the role it has, and expanded so greatly by both the natural progression of things and a global pandemic.

The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic has shown us just how vital it is for us all to keep participating in our social and business relationships while our physical presence has been greatly restricted. In some regards, we have been fortunate that our online communication infrastructure was able to meet that demand. We are all the better for it, and without streaming video and the internet, our business and social lives would experienced disruption beyond measure.  This example, and for dozens of other reasons, the tools at your disposal to maintain your business, professional, and social networks must rely on sound strategies and alliances to keep whatever it is that you provide vital regardless of the circumstance.   To assure our customers that we are doing our part we must rely on solid technology, experience, and talent.  That is why we’ve chosen Amazon Web Services, (The AWS Cloud) to deliver your content, the Wowza Streaming Engine as the streaming engine to program our platform, and the JW Video player to deliver your content. This combination along with a global team of highly qualified network engineers and programmers and my 27 years of experience in Online Business Strategies is what goes into StreamPros System.  The tools we’ve created are expansive, and the tolls that your need to deliver content, or monetize your content are all a part of the streams 

Live Anchor In Harbor Front – Hyannis

Live Skaket Beach Facing Cape Cod Bay – Orleans

Nauset Beach South Facing Outer Cape – Orleans

Cape Cod Harbor House Inn Live Facing Hyannis Harbor