Improving Your Bottom Line With Social Media


If you don’t keep a close eye on everything that’s happening with your website you’re liable to get whiplash with all that changes that are occurring.  These changes are in all aspects of website development and marketing and they never seem to end, or slow down.   If you don’t have the tools you need to keep up with these trends your online business will suffer.

This for many small and mid-sized companies have been challenging becaus
e  of the many hats you wear as a business owner, and when it comes to your staff this generally means you.

Today there his nothing more productive or essential than social media..  Combined with local search there is nothing more important than a social media presence for your business with accurate information,and  and time sensitive, accurate

fDid you know there are over 100 social media sites and local search applications.  These applications are growing all the time, and keeping up with managing all your listings can be daunting, Unless you have a devoted staff that can handle this.  The problem with this is that the expense could weigh heavily on your bottom line.  One other note that is real important to understand regarding your page rankings.  When spiders crawl the internet and your site comes up with inaccurate information, and it will, your search engine rankings will be affected.  Until now keeping your business information up to date has been nearly impossible. You may have enter your business data properly at one time yet things change, and because all the local search apps phish the internet, you will find your website showing up in lots of different places.

I hope I’ve made my point so far. To pose these challenges without a simple solution would serve no benefit.  Here’s my solution and what you to can do to start to take control of your social media.  Click on the Free Business Social Media Scan button,  and see for yourself exactly how your business is listed.  It’s free and it the information will give you a complete overview of your business’ social media standings. Once you’ve done this you’ll have a low-cost solution to position your business on social media, and dozens mobile, local, business listing maps and apps. The search is totally free, and you have nothing to loose, that is except for outdated information.  

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Pier 7 Condominiums

We needed to bring the location of this website to the immediate attention of the visitor. When create a live stream from the roof of their property to show the beauty of what their location has to offer. We are working on a time lapse solution as well. This will allow the visitor to look at the seasonality of the property in a highly unique manor. Pier 7

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