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Website Designing is what we have done since 1994.  Your Website is the  gateway to your business, or organization, and if you do not have the proper look, tools, and support who know how much that costs in real terms.  You simply cannot throw money at a website designing without measuring how that money is being spent. In order to do this you need the know how.  You need to be able to measure what’s working and what’s not.  This is not just about website design, it’s about website savvy.

My best customer is the one that want to learn the how’s and why’s of good internet practices. This is something that is easily achieved because of the vast amount website design information that is collected about all of your websites’ activities. Understanding these metrics is the core element in making the right decisions when it comes to your online presence.

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Pier 7 Condominiums

We needed to bring the location of this website to the immediate attention of the visitor. When create a live stream from the roof of their property to show the beauty of what their location has to offer. We are working on a time lapse solution as well. This will allow the visitor to look at the seasonality of the property in a highly unique manor. Pier 7

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