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Cape Cod is an arm-shaped peninsula nearly coextensive with Barnstable County, Massachusetts[1] and forming the easternmost portion of the state of Massachusetts, in the Northeastern United States. The Cape's small town character and beachfront brings heavy tourism during the summer months.

Cape eCom has  been developing websites since 1995 what we have witnessed is a global phenom in how the world communicates.  The greatest impact we have experienced is how business has benefitted. In the 90’s there were fewer business operating on line, whereas today a websites is a basic requirement in establishing a way for your customers and clients to connect with you.  Finding the best way to accomplish this is with a company that has experience and know how, a company like Cape eCom

At Cape eCom we have credited solutions for our customers resulting in millions of dollars in revenues and providing solutions for countless companies large and small.  We have the ability to understand your requirements because we an imaginative mind set dedicated to finding the right online solution for your business.   While we work expert offshore vendors,  we are American based company and our native language is english, this insures fewer communications misunderstandings, an awareness of the nuances of our culture, while providing you with beneficial savings.  

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Our Clients

  • Cape Cod Resort & Conference Center
  • Kennedy Studios
  • Spanky’s Clam Shack
  • Goldfinger Jewelry
  • Pleasant Bay Village Resort