About Us

Website Design is what I  have done since 1995. As the industry has changed so has my business. What was the norm back then was dial-up and a learning curve that was time made it difficult for lots of customers to succeed.  In 1995 the internet was looked at as fad by most people.  It required a quantum shift in thinking about the very nature of business.  A new language was created which eventually became a part of the commerce landscape. All of a sudden issues like SEO, Social Media, Web Crawls, Html, SSL, Responsive Design, and The Cloud, were the new lexicon by which business operates.

The speed of online growth has been staggering, and it became clear that this was no medium where you could sit back rest on your laurels.  Those who had a website built and expected to sit back and become rich had an expensive lesson to learn.  Big industry simply hires the educated employees it needs to manage their online presence and the results are clear.  This of course creates a disadvantage to the small and midsize business.  As you know big business not only outsources their labor, but have made it impossible to compete against this.  I have seen this for the last 15 years, and I also have created a network talented people that are skilled are highly skilled internet platform development.   However, thats where it ends.  Look at Apple as an example. Their success is based upon their marketing skills.  They simply know how to sell what they offer.  Using out sourced talent is a real cost savings, but don’t kid yourself, if your website presence is not developed without a native understanding of our American culture the most important part of your online strategy will fall short.  At Cape eCom I am dedicated to your success and my decades of sales, marketing and online development are to cornerstones of your web presence.

Steve Lipman, Founder