About Me & My Work


I actually had a website built for me in 1995 and when I woke up one morning to find that someone had placed an order for the product I was selling and I made money in my sleep, I thought that this was a whole new world.  I realized then that something new was happening.  There were more skeptics than believers then, and some of these skeptics have actually become successful online merchants.  I know, I had to drag them some of them along. Today some 25 years later, I see an industry that is more vibrant than ever.  Now that the Pandemic has effected the world, again the internet has proven to be vital in communicating messages that shape the way we carry on with our everyday lives. My goal now as then is to help people discover for themselves how to become a successful online merchant and to use the internet to increase revenues that have been diminished due to the Covid-19 outbreak.   Back in the the 90's the technology was being invented, today its being honed.  There is hardly a business model that cannot be integrated into online deliverables.

Aside from building websites my company has evolved with app development, online marketing, social media optimization, and both live and on-demand video streaming.  My resources pool of talent has built websites and developed applications for large and small organizations as well. Companies like CBS, The Boston Marathon, Spanky's Clam Shack, Sanders Walsh, and Eaton, and many more. My experience in identifying the best strategy and understanding the best practices for your business is something that you can bank on. My motto of being Community-Based, and Globally Linked, is more important today than ever, and I look forward to working collaboration for your successful online presence.